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— Unlimited apps
— Up to 10 queries / app
— Connect to most datasources
— Email support
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— Unlimited queries
— Restore pages
— Chat support
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— Access controls
— Salesforce connector
— Audit logs
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What does Retool do?
Retool lets you build front-ends quickly around any sort of datastore.
What's a query?
A query is a generic call to your database or API. For example, a single SQL query is select * from users;. You can run a query as many times as you want.
How long does it take to learn Retool?
It generally takes an engineer around ten minutes to understand the concepts of Retool, and another hour for it to feel natural.
Who uses Retool? Engineers or non-technical people?
People who know SQL pick up Retool pretty easily. At this point, a good chunk of Retool users are non-technical.
I have complicated logic in my app. Will Retool work for me?
We recommend you handle complicated logic in an API. For example, if cancelling an order involves multiple API calls (Stripe to refund the payment, SNS to send an email, etc.), you should make a cancelOrder API endpoint, which you call from Retool.
Is Retool secure? Where's my data stored?
We treat security seriously at Retool, and have a section dedicated to it. If we don't answer your question there, let us know.